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Saul and Sonia Schottenstein Multi-Media Library

The Columbus Community Kollel has a vibrant resource at your fingertips!

A Little History

Saul Schottenstein was an impassioned man – passionate about his business, devoted to family and community and committed to Judaism. Dedicated to Jewish Continuity, he gave generously to institutions that enhanced Jewish lives.  The Saul and Sonia Schottenstein Multi-Media Library serves as a testimonial to their values and will continue to be a reference magnet, not only for scholars, but for lay people, young adults and children, as well.

The Saul and Sonia Schottenstein Multi-Media Library includes the Gold Collection, in memory of Philip and Anna Gold, A’H.


*CDs, Audio Tapes and VHS

A refundable $10 deposit is required for each CD or Tape – cash or check can be left in the office M-F 9 AM – 11:30 AM.

Pick-up and return of CD and tape from Kollel office M-F: 9 AM – 11:30 AM $10 refunded with media return

*MP3 Links

Many Kollel classes and presentations had been recorded over the years to cassette media. These tapes have now been converted to digital media and are available in MP3 format.

To obtain a copy of an MP3 for your personal media storage or to obtain a link for the MP3 presentation, please contact the secretary in the Kollel office  M-F: 9 AM – 11:30 AM. Suggested $5/ MP3 pushke donation.