Our Kollel Family

Contact information that directs to individual rabbi’s email and for general information.

Rabbi Henoch (Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Chaya Morris rabbimorris@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yitzhak (Assistant Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Tzivia Zuckerman rabbizuckerman@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yaakov & Mrs. Efrat Greenfeld rabbigreenfeld@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yehoshua & Mrs. Elisheva Greenspan rabbigreenspan@thekollel.org

Rabbi Hillel & Mrs. Rivky Kapenstein rabbikapenstein@thekollel.org

Rabbi Pinchas & Mrs. Weinreich rabbiweinreich@thekollel.org

Natalie Berenstein, Secretary  secretary@thekollel.org

Shari Herszage, Administrative Assistant
General:  info@thekollel.org
General phone number:  614-237-7133


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